Writing Exercise – June 2013 Jim Hilton



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Roma Victa

I am Tiberius Tuditanus, recently assigned to the frontier, and author of the dispatch describing the recent actions of the rebellious factions in Germania.  The Emperor has tasked me with rooting out all those who might have sympathies with the rebels, and draconian measures have been implemented.
My legions are even now ranging through the villages, taking prisoners, executing those who resist. We will have order; we will have the Pax Romana, whatever the cost. As the leaders are identified, they will be put in chains and sent to Rome to feed the insatiable maw of the games at the Colosseum.  Most of the others will be crucified in the center of their villages as examples. Because of the vast expanse of the forests here, more legions are en route to assist in this critical effort.
We have heard rumors of a great gathering of the clans, several leagues to the north.  Upon the arrival of reinforcements we will go see whether this be fact or fiction.  If indeed this gathering has occurred, we can at last meet the barbarians in a face-to-face battle, rather than chasing small groups of them through the woods.  In the event they choose to retreat inside fortifications we shall construct siege engines to take down their walls, then we can drag them out and deal with them.  I am alive with excitement at the prospect.  Who do they think they are, these barbarians?
I have ordered the strengthening of our own stockade, the better to resist any surprise attacks by these strange warriors.  Untrained and wild they may be, still they are fearless fighters and caution is always best. I do not wish to be called to Rome to explain why I suffered defeat at the hands of these woods dwellers.
I dream of the day when the insurrections have been put down and I can return to Rome in triumph, glorying in my triumphal march into the heart of the city.  I can almost smell the flower petals that will be strewn in the path of my chariot; I can feel the wine running down my face as I bask in my fame at the feast. Young maidens, food and wine without end, all this to be my due!
It is great to be a citizen of Rome, and to be honored as one of the defenders of her glory!


About Jim Hilton

Just having a good time writing about our little adventures.
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