Writing Assignment for June 2013 Kat French

 words to include: author draconian  rebellious
It all started with the housekeeping. 
I had been requesting, and not getting, help with the piles of laundry, dirty dishes and pet hair for months. Everyone had an excuse. Everyone thought they were too busy. So it kept falling on good old Mom. I had just scored a small freelance client in addition to my full time job. With a full time job and now a part-time freelance client, the housework seemed like it was that nagging time-suck keeping me from devoting any time at all to my dream of becoming an author
I couldn’t drop the full time job. My family depended on that income. But the freelance job would easily cover having a housekeeper come in a few times a week. The budget for my primary income was pretty draconian, but the freelance money was entirely extra. I knew if anyone knew about that money, there would be a knockdown brawl for who needed it worst. The person least likely to see any of it was me.   
Because our schedules were so crazy, there were plenty of times during the week when nobody was home for a few hours. So I scheduled the maid service for  those times, and left explicit instructions that if they ever happened to come by while someone was home, skip that day and come back on an alternate day. 
It worked like magic. I felt positively rebellious. The housework got done. I got a few hours a week to work on my novel. And no one was any the wiser. 
Over the years, I’ve often looked back and wondered what would have happened if my family had been willing to help out with the housework. If they had, I wouldn’t have felt like I had to hide it from them when my novel got an agent, and then a publishing contract. I might have let them know when my nom de plume started earning considerably more than my real name. 
It’s true, they all managed to get out of doing dishes and laundry over these past few years. But they also missed out on being invited to Barbados with me this week. 

They think I’m having gall bladder surgery. My virtual assistant says the flowers they ordered are lovely.



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