Writing Assignment for January 2013 – Kaitlyn Morgan

Princess Maeve
Katie Morgan

“Grandfather, will you plead me the story of Princess *Maeve again? It’s my favorite
fairytale ever! It’s not like the regular fairytales, it’s different!” Everlee looked eagerly at
grandfather with hope shining out of her young, eager eyes. How could he possibly say
no to that face?
“Of course Everlee. Go get ready for bed and I will meet you in there once I retrieve
the book. Grandfather was sitting in a chair by the bed when Everlee came back from
brushing her teeth and dressing in her pajamas.
“Alright Everlee, are you ready now?” Asked Grandfather while tucking her in. She
nodded her head enthusiastically while repetitively saying “yes!!”.
“Well then, let’s begin:
Once Upon a Time there was an
awful princess named Maeve. Her mother had died long ago, so her father had since
moved on and remarried. Now, contrary to popular fairytale belief not every step-mother
was evil and not every step-daughter was pure and innocent. Princess Maeve was lazy,
not really caring what she did or said or even who she hurt or angered while doing it. The
people in the kingdom began to truly hate Princess Maeve more than any other princess
in history.
One day while walking down the hall after her afternoon tea Princess Maeve
suddenly fell to the floor in a heap of tangled fabric. Her step-mother, the Queen, ran to
Maeve thinking her dead, but was surprised to find her alive. Maeve was not dead, just in
a very deep, unnatural, sleep. The kind of sleep that only the kiss of Maeve’s one true
love could break.


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