For October Jim Hilton

·         Ghost Story
·         including the element Climate Change
·         with a theme/motif/conflict of On The Run.
·         Include the words pumpkin, grimace, and flittered.
Evil Plan
    So I’m re-reading the invitation to the Halloween costume party, and I find out that it’s a kind of scavenger hunt in addition to the costume requirement.  I went this afternoon, got my costume at almost the last minute, now I find out I have to gather up some things before they’ll even let me in.  Crap!  Well, my I’ll swing by and pick up my girlfriend and maybe we can come up with a plan.  My invitation says to bring a pumpkin and a carving knife, hers might be different.
   I show up at Darlene’s house and she runs out to the car, then jumps into the car, dressed up like the good fairy, totally excited.  She laughs at my silly pirate costume, but I’m laughing so hard at her GOOD FAIRY outfit, I don’t even care.  We always have fun together, whatever we do.  I ask, “What does your invitation say?  Do you have to go find something crazy to take with us?”
   Darlene, still giggling, says, “Yep, I have to get two gravestone rubbings, so they included the thin paper and charcoal pencil with my invitation.  This is going to be SO NEAT!  It says I have to find headstones from over 100 years ago.“
   “Well, if you say so.  Sounds kind of hokey to me.”
   Darlene pretended to sulk, but was soon laughing as she said, “Oh come on, you stick-in-the-mud, let’s go!”
   By now it was totally dark, and the promised cold front was starting to really blow the trees and shrubs around.  It felt like it could start snowing at any time.  I drove us out to the local pumpkin patch, picked out one that already had a built-in grimace, and paid the five bucks.  I had brought a knife from home, so that part was covered.  Now we just needed to go out to the cemetery.  In the dark.  In the storm.  We glanced at each other as we pulled up to the front gate of the Hill Valley Memorial Cemetery.
   We got out, each of us with a strong flashlight and checked out the iron gate.  Yes, it was chained shut, but I knew a place we could get over the stone wall.  In no time at all we were inside the cemetery and made our way over to the first line of headstones.  Of course, these were the most recent arrivals, so they wouldn’t help us in our quest for the century-old graves.  We went way back to the last row, trying not to trip over fallen limbs or anything else in the dark.
   I whispered to Darlene, “Here are a couple, side by side, that will work.  This one died in 1857, and the one next to it is dated 1879.”  Darlene got to work with her paper and pencil.
   It was about then that we heard the hoarse whispering, about 20 feet away, accompanied by the sounds of chains.  The voice was saying, “Who is it?  What be ye doing there?  You shall be PUNISHED!”  The last part rose to a raspy shout.
   We dropped everything and ran for the fence; papers flittered everywhere behind us in the cold wind.  We made it back over the fence, ran to the car and peeled out, trying to put distance between us and whatever was back there in the dark.
    The two hobos were almost gasping with laughter as they saw the teenagers drop everything and bolt.  Tom said, “Ed, that was the best one yet – I do love hanging out with you!  But, your ideas are EVIL, I tell ya!” Tom fell to laughing again.

About Jim Hilton

Just having a good time writing about our little adventures.
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