For July Kaitlyn Morgan

A Little Argument

            I stood there glowering down at Yaser, but it didn’t matter. He was going to do it. I knew it and he knew it, but I had to try to stop him, didn’t I?

“*Accailia, what’s your problem? You know I’ll be careful. Don’t you trust me?”

I quickly brushed my hair behind my ears, of course it just fell right back into my eyes. It was pointless, just like this stupid conversation.

“Yaser, you know what’s going to happen! Why can’t you leave it alone? It’s because of your stupid pride isn’t it?”

Yaser had been laying listlessly across the couch, but when I accused him of being too prideful his eyes hardened and he quickly jumped to his feet.

“You know that’s not it! **Ylime cannot get away with what he’s doing any longer! Someone has to stop him!” I rolled my eyes at him. This was beginning to get irritating.

“So you’re just gonna walk in there all “willy nilly” and politely ask Ylime to stop?” When Yaser just glared at me I knew the truth.

“You’re going to challenge him again, aren’t you?!”

“What if I am Accailia? You gonna stop me?”

“How are you going to go against Ylime and all his compatriots by yourself? It’s suicide!”

“Well, this time I’ll have help!” Yaser jumped off the couch and stormed over to the door. “Thanks a lot for the vote of confidence sis.”

Before I could say another word Yaser had grabbed his new and improved Yu-Gi-Oh cards and ran out the door. Ugh… Boys.


* Ah-kale-yah

** Yell-e-may


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Just having a good time writing about our little adventures.
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