For April – Kaitlyn Morgan

Tevan Turtle and the Awful Aardvark

(part one)




            Tevan Turtle was on his way to see Obadiah the Wise Owl. You see, Tevan Turtle had a problem only Obadiah Owl could solve. A aardvark, by the name of Avertone, had moved into the neighborhood. Now, that was not exactly the problem, the problem was Avertone Aardvark was trying to take over the whole town!

            Avertone Aardvark seemed kind and caring, but that was not the truth! Something just had to be done about this sneaky little aardvark. Tevan Turtle, being a turtle, has often been accused of having a yellow belly. Now was the time to show everyone that turtles could be brave!

            Tevan Turtle tentatively walked up to Obadiah Owl’s tree and pulled the rope at the bottom. This rope was connected to a beautiful metal object that rang out one of the most beautiful tunes Tevan Turtle had ever heard. Obadiah Owl called it a bell. That was what made Obadiah Owl knew many, many things. Tevan Turtle just knew Obadiah Owl could have a solution to his problem. After a couple of seconds Obadiah Owl stuck out his beak and looked down at Tevan Turtle.

            “Yes, what you want?” asked Obadiah Owl.

            Tevan Turtle took a cautious step forward. “Please forgive me sir, but I am Tevan Turtle and I am here to ask for some of your wise advice. There is a problem in the town that I need you to help simplify.”

            The magnificent pure white Obadiah Owl looked down from his perch to gaze upon the tiny, green Tevan Turtle. After a considerable pause Obadiah Owl answered and said, “Tevan Turtle I will need time to ponder this request. Give me one month and then come back.” At this, without waiting for an answer from poor Tevan Turtle, Obadiah Owl turned and went back into his home. Tevan Turtle was only slightly worried. At least Obadiah Owl was considering his request, he just had to wait a month for the answer to his problems.

            As Tevan Turtle anxiously awaits Obadiah Owl’s answer, so must you too! Until next month keep your fingers crossed that Avertone Aardvark doesn’t cause too much trouble for poor Tevan Turtle!


About Jim Hilton

Just having a good time writing about our little adventures.
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