For February – Kaitlyn Morgan

Tatijana’s Situation

            “The Purification Process has begun,” the gruff, male computer voice announced. Tatijana scrunched her eyes closed and prepared for the pain to begin. The so called “purification” felt like it was ripping out her soul. Tatijana took three slow breaths as the laser passed over her to begin the process. When she heard the buzzer, Pandemonium, her Spirit Guide, tried to rise up and protect her. Pand, the nickname for her Spirit Guide, was a black jaguar and therefore ferocious when it came to protecting Tatijana.

“Please calm yourself Pand,” She reached into that secret place within herself where Pand lived and spoke directly to him. “Please, if they find out about you, you will die. And then I will be turned into a Nothing.”

            Pand automatically calmed. Being a Nothing was an extremely scary concept, at least it was to Tatijana and Pand. A Nothing lacked all emotions and cut all ties to their family. They also disappeared for a year and came back to hunt those with Spirit Guides. It was a tricky, dangerous life Tatijana and Pand lived. The new sensor started at her feet and worked its way up. She bit her lip to keep from crying out and scrunched her eyes to keep the tears from rolling down her cheeks.

Next came the obnoxious gas the evil computer always made her breathe in. This threw her into convulsions. Tatijana had allergies and this gas affected them all at once. She could barely breathe for the next five minutes. After the gas, she was left on the table, alone, for an hour and a half. She was careful not to talk to Pand during this time. One never knew what the computer was evaluating. When the doctor walked in Tatijana wanted to sob in relief, until she looked at his face.

“I am sorry Tatijana, but we seem to have found an anomaly in your scans. I am afraid you will have to go through further testing.” Tatijana watched in horror as men in lab coats came in, followed by a group of armed Nothings, to strap her to a gurney. Pand jumped to the front to protect her, and this time she wanted to let him. Pan’s spirit consumed her until she was ready to change into a jaguar to fight. The Nothings might be strong and fast, but she was smart and pure instinct. As the air lock door slid shut Pandemonium broke loose.



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