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Apparently it was time for a purification of peace and harmony. I’ve lived my entire life with dogs and cats happily cohabitating. I’ve seen a dog chase a cat through a yard now and again, but never before imagined vehement hatred paired with white canines and an all out charge at my little tiger cat.

It happened, just the other day. And luckily there was a gentleman clad in plaid enjoying his coffee nearby. He must have had an S emblazoned under his shirt and Lois waiting for him down the road, either way, he dove into ferocious jaws which were disturbing the peace and allowed my cat to run for her life.

After prying kitty out from under the deck I could tell my sweet little feline friend was a wreck from the pandemonium.  She was balled up in the protective fetal position, her tail tucked between her legs as I dragged her out by the scruff of her neck. Her eyes were hugely round and laced with an intense frozen fear. I couldn’t really see my cat, instead, before me was a petrified visage that cursed, “You betrayed me. You let that dog almost kill me.”

I spent the day at work worried about her. I decided to Google what to do when your cat is overly stressed. The great thing about Google is that, ten million other fanatical cat worriers have Googled the same thing– making me feel less like I was alone on a deserted island for negligent cat mothers and more like there was a definite need for psychologists to devote some years of study to this kind of guilt.

I found the answer and it’s the new thing to do if your cat is stressed.  It does not involve driving 45 minutes to the nearest pharmacy and having some Xanex compounded for your cat. No it’s more au naturale than that. And since I am in the running for getting off the island of misfit cat moms, I am doing everything I can to be the perfect blend of nouveau animal medicine meets natural and holistic.

Said remedy was created in France and all the veterinarians are recommending it. Called cat pheromones, it’s what naturally keeps our kitties happy. You know when cats rub their cheeks on things? Well that is where the pheromones live. Apparently the French were able to isolate these happy effects and bottle them up! You can buy a supply for a month and this nifty little dispenser plugs into the wall. Place it in the room where traumatized, depressed, anxiety ridden said cat resides and watch your kitty become Zen-like. Rather similar to kitty having just attended a yoga retreat in an elite Ashram and had all her chakras balanced. It was that good.

Once again our life has returned to that of peace and harmony, except that I have an allergy to the concentrated cat pheromones.



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