For December Kaitlyn Morgan

The Worst Night Ever; Or the Best?

            What in the world made Kaiya buy that stupid car? It was ugly, being the world’s worst color of brown on the planet, it broke down frequently, not to mention the fact that the power steering absolutely sucked, and now it had just ran out of gas. That was just great, now Kaiya had to hike three miles to the nearest gas station. Wasn’t this her lucky day, to make matters worse, there was snow covering the ground and it was still coming down. Why oh why had she just had  to have that stupid car? Kaiya didn’t have a cell phone so she was walking down the road when a car pulled over in front of her. This made Kaiya extremely nervous, she didn’t have her mace, this was the middle of nowhere, and it was night. She went to cross the road when a young man hopped out of the car. He was gorgeous with dark hair, a trusting face, and he was so tall. That was no reason for her to stop in her tracks though. She went to keep walking, but he called out to her.

“Wait, ma’am, what are you doing out here so late? You’ll freeze to death! Did your car break down or something? Can I help you? Please don’t think I’m some crazy guy, I promise I’m not! Of course, that doesn’t make you trust me more, a crazy guy would say that too. Well, at least use my phone so someone can come pick you up. Oh by the way, my name is Grigory, if that helps you feel comfortable at all.” How could that possibly make her feel comfortable? He had a slight accent, it sounded a little Russian. What did she know though? Outside of movies she had never heard a Russian accent before. Then Kaiya looked into Grigory’s eyes and felt at ease. She knew somehow, maybe instinct, that she could trust this man.

“Okay, I think I could use your phone at least. Thank you for your kindness.” When Kaiya reached out to take Grigory’s phone she accidentally brushed his hand. That’s when the unexplainable happened. She felt a jolt go up her arm and right into her heart. She saw flashes of Grigory’s life. It was unbelievable, like she was living the memories. What was even more amazing was that sometimes Kaiya seen Grigory as a wolf in the memories. The wolf thing kind of freaked her out, but it couldn’t keep her from instantly falling in love. Kaiya felt like she had been missing this man for her whole life and just now realized it. She looked up to see if  Grigory had felt it too. When she looked into his eyes she knew he had.

“It’s you.” he whispered quietly, in awe “ I never thought I would find you.” She considered asking him to repeat what he said, but Kaiya knew it wouldn’t matter. Although Kaiya didn’t understand, she felt the same way. She knew her life would never be the same.

“Forget about the phone. Tell me more about yourself…Grigory” She said with a shy smile. “My name is Kaiya by the way.” Grigory smiled and escorted Kaiya to a coffee shop where they began the long road of a difficult, but loving relationship.


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Just having a good time writing about our little adventures.
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