For November Kaitlyn Morgan

Present Shopping

            Birthdays are so stupid thought Traiceigh. It was just another day passing. Why did everyone make such a big deal out of them? Now, since she had forgotten Leeya’s birthday, Traiceigh had to do some last minute shopping for the party. Leeya was hard to shop for. She was picky and only wore certain brand name items. Traiceigh had to drive all the way up town to a special department store for Leeya’s present. She’d seen the perfect necklace. The chain was a delicate silver with a small butterfly dangling from it. The butterfly was completely silver except for the wings. The wings were what caught Traiceigh’s attention, they were inlaid with sparkling sapphires. Leeya liked the small delicate things and the necklace was perfect.

When Traiceigh arrived at the store she’d only planned on being in there long enough to get the necklace and leave. But of course, it had started to snow. The snow had started out as flurries, but had quickly changed into a full blown storm. It figured that Traiceigh would have to go birthday shopping and manage to get caught in a blizzard. To add to a Traiceigh’s dilemma she was stuck in a store she did not want to be caught dead in.

Traiceigh thought she would have to miss Leeya’s birthday party now. All well, Traiceigh sighed, Leeya would understand. She wouldn’t want me to chance getting hurt. Traiceigh had just started browsing when she was caught off guard by someone whispering “Password please” into her ear. Traiceigh whirled around, black curls bouncing when she whipped her head up.

“Leeya, you scared the crud outta me!” Exclaimed Traiceigh as she tried to hide the present she was holding.

“What have you got there Traiceigh?” Leeya reached out and snatched the necklace with cat like speed. “Well, it’s beautiful! You sure have good taste! What are you doing here any way? I thought you hated stores like this.”

Traiceigh’s green eyes flashed with slight annoyance when she said, “Well, I was birthday shopping for someone who is really picking. I’m glad to see she likes her present though.”

Leeya’s baby blue eyes widened in surprise. She ducked her head and her blonde hair hid her face.

“Thank you Traiceigh. It’s beautiful. You didn’t have to get me anything though. Just showing up would have been plenty.”

Traiceigh glowed with happiness. “Oh Leeya, I had to get you something. And incase you haven’t noticed, there’s a blizzard out there. Looks like neither of us are gonna make your party.”

Leeya smile and said, “At least we are together. You’re my best friend and the only person I wouldn’t mind being caught in a blizzard with.”

They smiled at each other and Traiceigh followed after Leeya to wait out the blizzard shopping with her best friend.


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