For August Katie Morgan

Just My Luck


The morning fog crept slowly over the ground. It looked hungry, like it wanted to devour everything in its path.

So much for my hike in the mountains Evie sighed. Her bad luck was holding up, even on her vacation. Now she was stuck, holed up in her hotel room at the Holiday Inn. She was too tense to curl up and read a good book so she decided to do something else. Evie changed into a black tank top and sweat pants, snatched her water bottle, and headed for the Inn’s gym. She went straight to work on the bench press. Of course, after about two times up and down, her bad luck came at her again. A weight slipped off the end and unbalanced the bar, making it fall. Her bad luck ensured that it not only fell, but hurt like hell before the blackness of unconsciousness took her.

Evie woke to searing light shining into her eyes. She tried, and failed, to slap it away. “Well, seems like you are finally coming around.” The voice was masculine, deep rich and a rolling timber. When Evie could see again she realized the man was as sexy as his voice sounded. He had black hair, eyes the color of shining emeralds, and his skin was deeply tanned.

“ I don’t mean to seem rude, but who are you?” asked Evie?

“Oh, well, please forgive my manners. I was concentrating on whether you were alive or not, not my name. My name is Doctor Keayan McNamara.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you doctor… Oh no, I look horrible!” Evie examined her face at the wall of mirrors across the room. She had smoky gray eyes, her was the color of her morning coffee; black with just a little hint of creamer in it, and her skin was tan,. At the moment there was a huge gash and a bruise starting on her forehead and ending half way down her cheek.

“We should really get you to a hospital Miss…” Evie stared for a second before she realized that he was asking for her name.

“Oh, I’m sorry. My name is Evaleen Grady. Please, just call me Evie.” Evie carefully studied Doctor McNamara’s face in the mirror. He was truly handsome, with a gregarious face. Evie mentally chuckled, she like to use different words on different days. She was surprised to see him studying her too, though it was probably just because he was a doctor and she was hurt.

“Well, Evie, you can call me Keayan. Now, I really think we need to get you to the hospital, you might have a concussion.” As Keayan said this Evie’s vision swam in and out and she stumbled before he caught her. Evie thought “This sucks, but he’s cute so maybe my bad luck has finally run out.” Then she heard him chuckle and say “Maybe it has Evie, I know mine has.” She wondered what he meant as she slid into the darkness, somehow knowing she was more safe with Keayan than any other.



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