For May Marian Allen

Prime Date

I’ll never forget my first date with Brizno Enkler. Neither will you. That’s right, we’re that Mimzy Murgraff and Brizno Enkler.

When was it? You tell me. That’s right, it was the first of Quarn, the Fifth Circuit of the Ascendant Serpent.

Yes, we really did meet for breakfast in the Doctoral University’s Gifted Learning Center’s cafeteria. Yes, it’s true, I had scrambled protein and Brizno had waffles with blueberries from the hydroponic farm. He was back-to-nature even then.

 Here’s something you probably never heard: Brizno was a bit of a joker. He asked for two waffles and the dispenser gave him three. So, after we sat down, he offered the third one to me. I didn’t want it. He picked it up and flung it across the cafeteria through the open door into the hall and shouted, “Look out! It’s a UFO!”

 We were all laughing when we heard this loud snap and the head poked through the door.

The room went nuts! Naturally, we knew what pterosaurs look like–pterodactyls, as the slang calls them–we’d spent long enough trying to raise viable clones, but we didn’t expect to see one in the hall. The head looked enormous, sticking through the cafeteria door, sniffing for more waffles.

Dr. Giznikk stood up and shouted, “Who left the nursery bay door open? Who?” As if knowing would solve the problem.

“Oh, the poor thing!” I said. I grabbed a tray and ran to the dispenser. “Fifty waffles!” The dispenser flap pushed open, and at least a hundred steaming circles poured out, all over the tray and onto the floor.

 Brizno brought another tray and, while I filled it with the overflow, he picked some up and skimmed them to the pter.

 Snap! Snap!

 “What are you doing?” Dr. Giznikk waved his tentacles at us. “Too much carbohydrate! Do you want a flatulent pterosaur roaming the halls?”

 “Sausage! Keep ’em coming!” Brizno called. I ordered a hundred sausage patties, and everybody grabbed some and tossed them out the door.

 The pter withdrew its head, cleaning up the breakfast in the hall. Brizno shoved as much as he could onto one tray and plunged through the doorway. I was right behind him. While Brizno kept the pter’s attention with the food, backing through the hall toward the nursery, I scrambled onto the ‘saur’s back and sang lullabies into its ear to calm it down. By the time we got back to the nursery, it was full of sausage and waffles and soothed with music, and the robonurses were able to get it back into its pod.

 And that was how the Happysaurus Meal was born.



About Jim Hilton

Just having a good time writing about our little adventures.
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3 Responses to For May Marian Allen

  1. Rebecca Wolfe says:

    Very Clever! I loved the scrambled protein line.

  2. Marian Allen says:

    Hee! Looking forward to your take on the exercise. 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    I did it Tuesday. I’ve emailed it to Jim.
    It’s fictional, and a little different then other stuff I’ve done, but I had fun with it.
    Breakfast ends up in an odd place in my story too,
    Your names are also fantastic, I meant to say that too.

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