For April Carol Preflatish

The Journal of Caleb Coulter

Day 104 – July 25, 1841

After the dreadful plunge that I took yesterday, I found my foot travel slowed today. Thank the heavens for the tree branch I located for a crutch. I had been out of food for three days now and have kept my trusty rifle named Bessie, loaded and ready in case I came across any game.

To my surprise, when I stumbled out of a stand of trees and into a clearing, I had to wipe my eyes for I could not believe the sight before me. A large building stood in the field. With my ankle throbbing and my stomach empty, I hobbled to the building hoping to find both food and rest for the night.

As I approached, the door opened and out walked a goddess. Her long red hair, pulled back with a bow, and her green dress flowed as she walked toward me. She said her name was Catherine and she helped me into the building. Inside were rows of beds, a welcome sight cause it had been a spell since I slept on a soft bed. It was then I saw many of the beds occupied by people. Catherine said I had a found a hospital. What an odd place for one to be out in the wilderness. She explained they were there for explorers like me.

She led me to a bed where she removed my moccasins and tended to my injured ankle. She went to the fireplace where she boiled some slippery elm bark while I nourished myself with some soup, bread, and tea. With the slippery elm bark softened, she made a poultice for my ankle. As I lay back on the bed, it did not take long before I slept.

Day 105 – July 26, 1841

I awoke a mite confused this morning as I found myself not in the bed, but on grass under a tree. Next to me was an empty bowl and on my ankle, the poultice. The big building was gone with no sign of it ever being there. I stood and my ankle felt healed. I put on my moccasins, grabbed my gun and possibles bag, and high-tailed it away from there. This was indeed a spirited spot and I wanted no more to do with it.


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